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The cost of 2 cups of coffee

The cost of
2 cups of coffee
can change a life

Bakua Tinea can cover
the whole body!

A cure for tinea known locally as Bakua - this affliction can cover the entire bodyA cure for tinea known locally as Bakua - this affliction can cover the entire body

$ for $
Dollar for Dollar -
every cent you contribute goes to our projects!


Transforming lives one community at a 3 easy steps!

1. Meet and listen

2. Evaluate and plan

SPAH community consultationSPAH community consultation

3. Coach and install

How can you Adopt-A-Village? It's easy!

Offer your time: find out more...

Raise awareness:
- at your school
- at your work or club

Volunteer find out more...
- join a team
- join as a SPAH board member


Offer resources: find out more... 

$1            Educate a child for a day 

$8            Cure someone of tinea 

$80          Install sanitation 

$1000      Install a water tank 

$10000    Install WASH for a community 

$20000    Build a medical aid post

Water project 2014

Simple changes transform lives...

Latest News November 2016

Mauro Bay Makira

First Time! - SPAH will take 4 young people as its team. We are more than excited to roll out our powerful projects that build relationships.

  • community and women's health
  • water project for Aboru Community
  • Micro industry Development

SPAH is looking for more young ambassadors for future projects. It could be YOU next time!

MICRO FINANCE for the first time!

Wango Bay & Mauro Bay

SPAH will scope the communities of Mauro Bay and Wango Bay for its most exciting development initiative yet. SPAH with its Australian and Solomon Island stakeholders will commence the process of copra processing which will mean:

  • clean energy and income for all
  • micro industry for women
  • income for health, education and 
    rural development