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Latest News

July 2014

Project: Water Supply Installation

Location: Gepa Community, Wanakuru 

Province: Makira, Central San Cristobal

The Gepa Community is situated on a mountain ridge in the Wanoine Highlands. Every day women and children walk long distances to carry loads of up to 30kg on their heads up and down rugged terrain. This presents a risk to members of the community which can be minimised.

Gepa Wanakuru Water Source



Wanoine River

By placing water points at strategic places in the village, lighter loads can be carried to where they are needed.

The community will maintain a healthy level of activity even after the installation, since they will still be tending to gardens in their precinct and also travelling to the coast during the week to maintain trade relationships.



Tinea Medication Program

SPAH and SIM will spearhead the rollout of more medical and allied health care, including training and education in health and lifestyle, in addition to our ongoing commitment to minimise the effect of tinea infection in the broader community.

The team will cover most of the north coast of San Cristobal Island in an endeavour to administer medication to another 700 people.



Nurse TrainingNurse Training

Nurse Aid Training - Kira Kira Hospital

SPAH and its affiliates will facilitate discussions with the Medical Directors of Kira Kira Hospital and Local Government to commence training for Nurses Aids to distribute medication to tackle the tinea epidemic on the main island of San Cristobal.

This will ensure that the disease is kept to a minimum long term by locally qualified people while allowing ongoing appropriate management.

This model may well set a precedent to manage the disease effectively throughout the Solomon Islands!