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Latest News June 2015

SPAH will install WASH at 2 schools and evaluate Hada Bay Community in July.

SPAH will train and educate all recipients of relief and development to ensure critical capacity building.

Ngonihau SDA Primary School

200 Students and staff face the daily challenge of life without water and sanitation. All that is about to change. Water outlets and latrines will be installed for the staff and dormitories that will last for decades to come.

Secondary classes start in 2015!

Toirowango Anglican Primary School

Similar challenges are faced in this school of 100 students. Situated only 10km east of Ngonihau these projects are setting a precedent for the province providing health and hope to the future of the nation.

Hada Bay Community SSEC

This community of 300 have lobbied for 40 years for a potable water supply and sanitation. Hope is on the horizon. 

SPAH will perform a full evaluation of the community and implement a WASH project in early 2016!

A Tinea Medication Program will also be administered as the whole community is affected.

A copy of the letter requesting assistance