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Latest News Nov 2015

Water Supply - Rural Training Center

SPAH has successfully completed another water supply installation. Nawote staff and students are now enjoying safe clean drinking water. This will leave a lasting legacy for the future of the training center which 
is a critical location forging the future of the Makira Province youth! 


Womens Health and Hygiene

As a part of its latest health education initiatives 
SPAH has addressed critical health issues affecting 
the community particularly those affecting women. 

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can be easily avoided with hygiene kits that the women are taught to make and administer effectively. SPAH delivered training across 4 communities.

Whats happening June 2016? SPAH is partnering with Rotary International!

TeTeRe - Origins of the Makira Province


This growing community of 500 people is planning

  • water supply
  • sanitation
  • clinic relocation

SPAH will be assisting this community in its ongoing development initiatives

Another growing community of 400 requires a potable water supply and have applied to SPAH for assistance. SPAH will also scope provision for microfinance through copra processing in its partnership with STP Honiara.