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Makira Province Nov 2012

SPAH answered the call by the Premier of Makira to address a National Health Priority focusing on two school communities on the southern fringe of the island of San Cristobal. Making a region disease free makes it more attractive for locally qualified people to come and assist government school with ongoing education. And that is exactly what happened.

Mage Primary School

This location is on the remote fringes of the southern coast of San Cristobal. 200 people reside in the district. 85 received urgently needed medication for Tinea alone as well as other meds. The classroom became our clinic.

Nima Primary School

Neighbour to Mage; these locations are land locked with no roads or paths. The 7km walk between the 2 locations takes 7 hours due to the rugged terrain. 140 people received medication for Tinea. The request for assistance to the government was made in 2007. SPAH was able to answer that call and become -  A lifeline for a lifetime!

Santa Ana Island Community

This island is only 6km long and 4 km wide with a huge inland fresh water lake servicing a thriving population of 1000. We provided care to 200 people. We were also given the privilege of visiting the Kustom House - a native mausoleum housing the remains of chiefs and warriors of a bygone era. It's age is unknown.
We stayed here enroute to the south coast of San Cristobal.