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Temotu Province Nov 2013

The Temotu Province is the eastern most location of the Solomon Islands. Two groups of islands comprise this region being that of Santa Cruz Islands and Reef Islands. This is a total population of 20,000. The ongoing challenges faced by such an isolated community include water, sanitation, education and communication with the outside world. Even brief periods of aid and development can lift a person out of a sense of hopelessness.

Lata Village, Nendo Island

This is the location of the Provincial Government and main services for the Santa Cruz Islands. Here we delivered medical care to over 200 and chiropractic care to over 500. Tinea medication was given to 300 people. We also witnessed the installation of the Hope Radio station FM 101.1

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Lata Water Supply

The water supply requires a full refurbishment. We provided critical repair to around 25 supply points.

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Tsunami Aftermath, Nendo Island

At least 4 communities have people that are still living in squallier. The poor living conditions mean more disease and despondency. The huge wave swept across the entire peninsula displacing thousands and killing around 13.

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Nibenga Nelle, Reef Islands 

Possibly the smallest island community of the Reef Islands. The Tinea Medication Program was the first of its kind to around 10 of its 30 people.

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Nibenga Temoa, Reef Islands

The Tinea Medication Program was the first of its kind to this community of around 150.

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Lomlom, Reef Islands

The main village centre of Maniopo has a small local hospital servicing a catchment of thousands. Here we delivered the Tinea Medication Program to 700 as well as another $2000 in additional medication

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