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Makira Province July 2014 - Gepa Wanakuru 

Project Reflections

Jason Brooke is an electrician from Seaford VIC and a very dedicated member of the construction team. He also is a mentor to the people of Gepa Wanakuru by providing training to them in all facets of the project.


Village Life - Take 1

Madi is a student nurse from Victoria who is passionate about providing care to South Pacific communities. She shares her story of discovery while building social capacity with the women of the community and giving them a voice. She was instrumental in starting the sanitation initiative in the community.



Water - At Last!

Running water for the very first time! Every one is there to celebrate the momentous occasion. Peter our Design Engineer takes the privilege of the first dunking at the men's shower!




Women's Shower - Take 1

Melea takes the first plunge under the women's shower...

Melea is a nurse from Victoria who worked closely with the women to find out there needs for the best sites for the water supply as well as giving basic health care to the general community.



Women's Shower - Take 2

No escape for Madi. One in all in!