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Makira Province July 2015

This project was one of our more challenging. Cyclone Raquel appeared being the only one of its kind in history for that time of year causing us to be stranded with only enough time to install 2 water projects in 2 days.

Ngonihau School

1 water project in 1 day. Teamwork brought the project to life in under 6 hours. 1300 metres of pipe was laid.

Toirowango School

1 water project in 1 day. This was the first water supply in the 80 year history of the school. 2,000 metres of pipe was laid.

Mapungamanu Choir

Local kids adding some sunshine to the morning with a welcome song.

Clean Energy for the Nation

SPAH in partnership with STP will launch the development initiative of copra and coconut oil production providing sustainable income generation
and energy resource.