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Temotu Province November 2013

Profile of Temotu

Like most Solomon Island locations the Temotu Province has its own challenges but it has the capacity for positive change and outcomes that last.


SPAH is pleased to facilitate this process through ongoing care and education.

Thankyou from Lata Village

A local from Lata Village came to the airport on the morning of our departure to say "thank you" to the team for the messages delivered over 5 nights of talks on health and well being. 

Tsunami in Vianga Village

The aftermath of the Tsunami of Feb 2013 is still prevalent in the lives of the victims. Recovery is apparent but slow.

Tsunami Victims

The harsh reality of a natural disaster is the lives
it claims as well its the aftermath on the living. 



Temotu Province - Making History!

Tinea Medication Program

This program was the first of its kind on the island of Nibenga Temoa, Reef Islands. Check out our photo gallery to see the incredibly grateful response of the community. Click here.

 Medical and Allied Health Team

Local Pastor George Auna conveys the appreciation of the people of Lata for the delivery of surgery, medical care and chiropractic care. In his words: "the first of its kind in the history of Lata".



Temotu Province - A Cultural Perspective

Shark Magnet

This instrument, made of coconut shells, is used to attract sharks during hunting. Shark hunting is one form of local income in this very remote location of Nibenga Nelle in the Reef Islands.

Ritual Dancing Circle

A common site in the Temotu Province villages. These dances are still conducted in some locations with full dress and body paint as a means of allegedly communicating with dead ancestors.

Temotu Staple Diet

Bread fruit is harvested and dried by the locals since it is highly available and easily preserved. It has a mild musty sweet flavour. This staple has sustained people through hard times when other food sources have become scarce.