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Makira November 2014

Since our last successful water project installation in July 2014 SPAH received numerous requests from across the northern coast of San Cristobal for water supplies and sanitation (W.A.S.H). We also conducted a reconnaissance at our very first location Heraniau Nurse Aid Post where our projects have remained fully operational. SPAH will also work with its In-Country partner to deliver programs in health awareness across all of the listed locations

Nawote Rural Training Center

This location is a training center for 50 young men who have been given a government funded placement to learn various trades including carpentry, electrical and mechanical. This vibrant center facility is very well maintained and is a testament to the ongoing commitment of staff and students to enhance the skills of the younger generation of its country. SPAH also administered Tinea medication to 360 people in one of the most disease affected regions in Makira Province ie the Wanoine District. 

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Ngonihau Primary and Secondary School

This well staffed and maintained education facility is building new classrooms and introducing a year 9 level for its growing number of students. The school comprises 90 primary and 70 secondary students and has funding to introduce the first of its sanitation units. SPAH has scoped the water supply and will return to train its custodians to install and maintain it. SPAH also met with the Education Minister to discuss future partnership with the government to explore facilitation of learning centers i the implementation of W.A.S.H.

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Toirowango Primary School

The school board requested assistance from SPAH via our In-Country partner with whom we met and then assessed their needs. 110 students attend this school and are in immediate need of W.A.S.H. As this location is only 10 kms from Ngonihau SPAH will conduct a co-ordinated installation in tandem with the installation at Ngonihau.

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Bio Island (aka Pio)

This tiny deserted island lies north of San Cristobal and takes 30 minutes by boat. The whole islands could be walked around in 1 hour. The water colour is an indigo rarely seen elsewhere. The sand is as smooth as icing.
The Reef is comparable to a scene out of 'Finding Nemo' with its network of caverns and varieties of fish that
have colours of unprecented contrast. 

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