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Makira November 2015

Highlights include:

  • water project installation in 3 hours!
  • bakua tinea medication delivered to 400
  • 2 new territories scoped for water supplies
  • community and womens health programs delivered to hundreds
  • 4 new applications received from communities and education centres

Nawote RTC Water Project

Complementing the installation of a water supply for the staff and students a qualified Nurse also delivered a comprehensive community health and womens health programs. SPAH also completed the Bakua Tinea Medication Program to the Maerongosia district. Another 400 people across Makira received medication. SPAH has now cured 40% of the affected population in the last 5 years. Previously medicated districts show re-infection incidences of 2% or less!

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Situated in the weather coast aka south coast, this growing community of 500 with a primary school are also a forward thinking community wishing to submit an application to install a copra mill fostering community microfinance! In 2016 the first priority will be a potable water supply.

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TeTeRe -' cradle of the Makira Province!

Also situated on the weather coast this growing community of 500 with a primary school and Nurse Aid Post, fringes a secluded bay known as Makira Harbour. The first missionaries never made it out. The name 'Makira' originated here along with traditional red shell money which is now very rare. Potable water will be plumbed to the four sectors of the community.

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